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Real Time Databases 

Real Time Databases Real time databases are conventional databases with additional capacity that can provide reliable answers. Time constants are used, which make up a certain range of time values for which the data is still relevant. This range can be called a time of actuality. A standard database cannot work under these conditions because of mismatches between real-world objects and data that present it too seriously. An efficient system must be able to handle urgent queries, return only time-relevant data, and maintain priority queues. To enter data into records, often a sensor or input device monitors the physical system and updates the database with new information that reflects the physical system more accurately. When designing a database system in real time, you should consider how the facts will relate to the real time system. Real Time Databases
Thought should be given to how to present the values in the database so that transactions are processed correctly and there is no disruption to data consistency. A number of aspects need to be considered when designing a real-time database that provides the necessary time constraints for data and transactions. Below is a list of some of them [3]: Data, transactions and system characteristics: A real time database should not only support logical consistency of data and transactions, but also correspond to the temporal properties of transactions, the temporal consistency of data. Transaction sequencing and processing: Transaction sequencing and processing is the most important part of modern real time database research: While CPU sequencing is very important, transaction priorities must also be considered when database performance testing jmeter managing I/O and data buffers. Parallel processing Distribution: Many applications that require a real-time database are not located on the same computer. Instead, they are distributed, and real-time data may also need to be distributed. Application quality and data quality: It is very difficult to oracle database performance testing tools meet both the logical database consistency requirements and the temporal data consistency requirements. Therefore, a compromise needs to be made that takes into account what is more important.

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