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Mysql performance management

mysql performance management Oracle announced the launch of MySQL 5.7, the latest version of the world's most popular open source database. The new version is more efficient, easier to manage and has enhanced NoSQL features.

According to Oracle, the latest version of MySQL 5.7 provides greater performance, scalability and ease of management as well as enhanced NoSQL features with JSON and MySQL router support, making it easy to connect applications to multiple mysql performance management databases.

Works much faster

Oracle's performance testing of the latest version of MySQL 5.7 showed that in the test environment where SysBench Read-only Point-Select was launched, the database completed 1.6 million queries per second on 1024 connections. This is three times more than in the previous version. Improvements have also included InnoDB, improved scalability, performance and concurrency of queries and introduced extended online operations, spatial indexes and native partitioning. An important improvement, especially for applications using short-lived connections, is the improvement of short query handling. In this way, it was possible to double the number of operations performed in a sequence: opening a connection - short query - closing a connection, appropriate for example for some applications written in the extremely popular PHP language.

Replication function extensions. Multi-source replication, extended Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs) and improved multi-threaded subordinate controllers for greater scalability and availability are present.

A cost optimizer is in place to further improve query handling efficiency thanks to the introduction of a dynamic cost model.

mysql performance management Improved InnoDB FullText Search, introduced in version 5.6, including a new parser and support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideograms.

Introduction of a new native JSON data type and JSON features, enabling efficient and flexible storage, retrieval and processing of non-systematic data.

SYS schema that provides helpful objects to help answer questions about performance, database operation and monitoring

mysql performance management Changes in the Performance Scheme, which will provide a better insight into the operation of the database, will enable better instrumentation of memory, transactions, stored procedures, ready instructions, replications and locks. The performance markup has been drastically reduced. When combined with the SYS scheme, some administrative actions can be performed more easily than before.

Security changes, including security by default, faster and simpler instance initialization, configuration and management.

Extended support for the spatial information system (GIS) for mobile applications: support for the spatial index in InnoDB and GeoJSON and support for GeoHash.

Oracle has also released a new MySQL router that simplifies application development by intelligently redirecting queries to MySQL databases to improve performance and increase uptime.

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