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All scripts contained herein are free to use.  There is no warranty, express or implied.  By using these scripts you assume all responsibility for the results of their use.  Please examine them and test them on a non-production environment prior to use.

create_db.sql - Creates a complete DB creation script based off an existing database.

checklocks.zip - A group of scripts used to monitor the database and alert the DBA of any hung transactions (blocking locks)

topsessions.sql - List the top 10 most active sessions in a database.

dbcheck.zip - A poor man's DB monitor. Checks every specified database and alerts the DBA if a DB is down.

audit_trigger.sql - Audit specific DB actions. Find out who's doing what when no one will own up to it. (currently audits 'drop' commands, but can be easily modified to audit almost anything)

all_init_params_view.sql - An easy way to see all those hidden init params that Oracle doesn't want you to see.

scan_alert_log.sql - Scan alert.log files for errors and email a daily report to the DBA.

dbstats.sql - Provides a DB performance snapshot (this is an older script, and may be outdated, although you may find portions of it useful which you can extract and integrate into your own scripts)

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