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  If you have an oracle support contract, then you should have a metalink account. Make use of it.
  Contains documentation, bug reports, patches, etc.
  You may have to sift through some 'extra' info (some people call it junk), but many answers can be found there.
  If you can't find your answer, you can always post a question to a forum, or log a TAR.

  The premier Oracle guru.
  If Tom doesn't have an answer to your question then most likely, no one does.

  A wonderful database management tool.
  Cross platform (runs on any OS that supports java)
  Supports virtually all major databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Postgres, MySQL, Informix)

ITtoolbox for Oracle Knowledge Base
  Content, community, and service for Oracle professionals.
  Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more.

  A wealth of scripts, tips, and performance tuning information.

  Statspack and bstat/estat analysis tools.
  Also available is an excellent performance profiling paper by Anjo Kolk. (free registration required)

Books we recommend:


Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference
  Very concise and easy reading.
  Loaded with useful info regarding optimizers, statistics, hints, etc.


Optimizing Oracle Performance
  The bible of Oracle performance tuning through SQL trace analysis.

Oracle performance Tuning 101
  Excellent primer into the daunting world of Oracle performance tuning.


UNIX System Administration Handbook
  If you do any work on UNIX systems, then this book is a must have.

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